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Commenting on Saudi King Salman’s royal orders on Friday, royal court adviser Saud Al Qahtani said on Twitter: “Upon today’s orders, the state pumped SAR 50 billion. Add to that the funds in the Citizens Account which are 30 billion. This is a total of SAR 80 billion which means that the purchasing power has greatly increased. This will increase the private sector’s profit. We await your initiative as always. You know your national duty more than anyone else. Not to mention that pleasing your employees will improve your success and increase your profit.”

I have no doubt that patriotic merchants will contribute to this royal initiative, each according to his effort and generosity. I also have no doubt that the SAR 80 billion pumped by the state and the private sector’s contribution to confront high prices will positively affect the market’s activity and the increased demand on products and services and revive the economy.

Merchants who do not contribute to this initiative and do not make efforts to keep up with it must not allege they’re patriots especially that they are this negative and disappointing. Patriotism is about giving and sacrificing money and soul. Saudi citizens have proven their love to their country at several occasions.

This social solidarity develops the state and contributes to its security and stability. The kingdom during King Salman’s era is full of activity, vitality and decisiveness which curbed plenty of enemies. The kingdom’s rivals increased as a result of directly confronting threats and naming its enemies.

Kingdom’s welfare

Merchants’ and businessmen’s contribution to this national initiative will reflect on the kingdom’s welfare, strength, unity, security and stability.

King Salman’s initiative is clear proof that the state’s command and leadership ever since the days of King Abdulaziz until King Salman’s understand citizens and their problems and livelihood challenges and seek to resolve them no matter how much funds are needed. Read More …