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Explosion kills 39 at Syria arms depot

Explosion kills 39 at Syria arms depot

Explosion kills 39 at Syria arms depot:Blast of unknown origin in Idlib province kills at least 39 civilians, including dozen children.  BEIRUT – An explosion at a weapons depot in a rebel-held town in northwest Syria killed at least 39 civilians including a...

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Telegram shutdown sparks anger in Iran

Telegram shutdown sparks anger in Iran:Internet freedom has become a new political battlefield in Iran as a judicial order to block Telegram, a widely used messaging application, has ignited anger among its tens of millions of users.The ruling by the Tehran’s...

Israel’s walled-in approach to nationhood

Israel’s walled-in approach to nationhood:Speaking during a 2016 visit to a newly completed security barrier along Israel’s border with Jordan near the southern Red Sea city of Eilat, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced his intention to one...

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