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So many people in the Middle East viewed the potential role Donald Trump would play as president would be to bring change to the region. They bought into the biased coverage of the liberal mainstream American news media, which focused on his ability to sow seeds of anger and even hatred.

What the media was protecting was a system in which mealy-mouthed politicians have managed to sustain a status quo that sees Israel and the Palestinians at loggerheads, without any hope for peace. Yet Israel’s government has cleverly and masterfully used that impasse to build alliances with many Arab countries without consequences or accountability.

Israel has been able to use the failure of the peace process as a cover to continue its extremist agenda of expanding illegal settlements and oppressing non-Jews both inside Israel and in the Occupied Territories. The Arabs have never recognized this strategy; that the absence of peace has been beneficial to Israel, and that many American politicians in the Democratic Party have helped sustain this status quo to Israel’s benefit.

Every American politician who has called for peace has done so with a lack of sincerity. By urging peace without substance or concrete steps forward, they have reinforced Israel’s ability to do whatever it wants in Palestine. And Israel has done whatever it wants. It has dramatically increased settlements without any major consequence; it has continued official government policy of confiscating more and more Palestinian lands in the West Bank; and it has continued to oppress Palestinians, tightening its headlock hold on the civilians living in the open air “hell” called the Gaza Strip, while slowly chipping away at Palestinian resistance in the West Bank.

Without the chance of achieving peace, Israel has been able to achieve all of its goals and more, expanding Israel without consequence. But Trump is changing that. Instead of pandering to Israel with fake words of praise for peace, Trump is creating a unique and new environment that will inevitably force change on the region. Read More …