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Commenting on the ongoing protest movement in Iran, a well-known Iraqi writer and journalist posted on his Facebook page a picture of diarrhea treatment pills and wrote the following brief commentary: “There is a great demand for this treatment in the Green Zone. It is said that men are on edge, carefully following developments in the region.”

The Green Zone is the closed and heavily fortified part of Baghdad. The ruling political class controls this region that Saddam Hussein and his entourage once occupied. Saddam even built huge mansions and palaces here that his successors, the rulers of the day, squabble with each other to live in.

This area is popularly called the ‘arrogant zone,’ a phrase that expresses the hatred of the Iraqis, or at least their indignation towards the people of this region as it has become emblematic of the stolen wealth of the Iraqi people on a large-scale, a claim that even the rulers do not deny.

Iraq infested with Iran’s minions

The sarcastic post immediately received hundreds of likes and comments. Many Iraqis believe that majority of the powerful political class in the country is either openly working for Iran is silently strengthening its growing political, military, and economic clout in the country.

This trend is reflected in various facets of Iraqi life and even statements of Iranian military and civilian leaders point to their open interference in Iraq as well as Lebanon, Syria and Yemen as if they are their legitimate sphere of influence.

This fact is further reinforced by the frequent appearance of the commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps, General Qasem Soleimani, on the war fronts against ISIS and within the Green Zone, comfortably interacting with the leaders of the Iraqi military forces, even as many Iraqi citizens are outraged by his presence and view it as a violation of their national pride and dignity. Read More …